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An Advocate’s Guide to Transforming Special Education

Creating Schools Where All Students Can Thrive

August 2018

Experts estimate that 80% of students with disabilities can achieve at grade level when given the right support. Yet, right now, only 8% of students with disabilities in the United States are prepared to read and do math at grade level.

We wrote this guide to equip advocates — parents, educators, caregivers — to work together to change this reality.

The guide highlights what research and the highest-performing schools have found are the best practices to help students with disabilities achieve at high levels. It includes the questions advocates should ask in their school or community, as well as what practices and policies to look for or push for.

2018 An Advocates Guide to Transforming Special Education

Do you want more for students with special needs in San Jose?

Of the roughly 1,600 SJUSD students with disabilities who took the state test in 2016-17, only 18% are on grade level in English and only 15% in math. We believe the way to change this reality is through collective action for systemic change.

We hope you will join us for one of our upcoming meetings!

Learn more by contacting our San Jose Community Organizer, Sofia Lozano-Pallares at slozano@innovateschools.org or (650) 562-6200 ext. 158.

UPDATED: San Jose Unified Snapshot: Students with Disabilities

An overview of how SJUSD is doing in serving students with disabilities

December 2017

Students with disabilities in all public schools should receive the academic and social-emotional support they need to be prepared for meaningful opportunities in career, college, and life. Right now, the reality is that this is not happening in most places in California.

2017 Spotlight on Students with Disabilities in Schools within SJUSD

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