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Parents Taking Action

Are you concerned about the achievement gap in Redwood City?

Innovate Public Schools is working with parents in Redwood City who have come together to make sure that all students in our community receive an excellent public education. We hope you will join us for one of our upcoming meetings in Redwood City!

Learn more by contacting our Redwood City Community Organizer, Jose Talavera at or (650) 796-2175.

Latest Updates from Redwood City

Our parent group regularly sets up and leads meetings with local leaders, from elected officials to candidates for public office to school district officials. The purpose of these meetings is to build relationships, learn about various perspectives on important political and education policy topics, and inform them about the community’s priorities.

“What you do as an organization to bring parents together to hold public officials accountable … no one is doing it like you are”

Joe Ross, San Mateo County Board Trustee

Parents Advocating for Great Distance Learning

In the past month, our parent leader teams from Redwood City and East Palo Alto have held two important meetings with public officials:

  • San Mateo County Superintendent of Education Nancy Magee, and
  • San Mateo County Board of Education Trustees Ted Lempert and Joe Ross

Parents also met with the Redwood City Education Foundation to continue building a strong relationship and to learn about the group’s efforts to direct resources to the areas of greatest need within the Redwood City School District.

It is still unclear what is going to be happening with public schools in summer and fall as everything is developing daily. But parents are more important now than ever, and want to have a seat at the table with decision makers to ensure their voices are heard. Stay tuned for our updates!

2020 Spotlight on Schools within RCSD

Redwood City Data Sheet, 2020

What are the latest educational outcomes in Redwood City?

August 2020

Learn more about how students are performing in Redwood City Elementary School District.

See past reports: 2018 | 2017 (Latino Students)

Who represents Redwood City schools?

Current Redwood City School District Board Members and Superintendent

Alisa Greene MacAvoy, RCSD School Board President

Alisa Greene MacAvoy


María Díaz-Slocum, RCSD School Board Vice President

María Díaz-Slocum

Vice President

Cecilia I Márquez, RCSD School Board Clerk

Cecilia I. Márquez


Janet Lawson, RCSD School Board Member

Janet Lawson


Mike Wells, RCSD School Board Member

Mike Wells


John R Baker, Ed.D, RCSD Superintendent

John R. Baker, Ed.D.


Current Sequoia Union High School District Board Members and Superintendent

Alan Sarver, SUHSD School Board President

Alan Sarver


Carrie Du Bois, SUHSD School Board Vice President

Carrie Du Bois

Vice President

Christopher Thomsen, SUHSD School Board Clerk

Christopher Thomsen


Rich Ginn, SUHSD School Board Member

Richard Ginn


Shawneece Stevenson, SUHSD School Board Member

Shawneece Stevenson


Crystal Leach, SUHSD Superintendent

Crystal Leach


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