Research Blog Series: Learning Loss

As California figures out how to safely reopen schools, we must also figure out how to provide the extra support that kids need to recover. In this blog series, you will learn how the pandemic is affecting students from underserved communities, the impact of learning loss, and effective solutions to reverse learning loss.

Table of Contents

Twelve to Sixteen Months of Learning Loss

01: What do COVID-19 and school closures mean for our kids’ learning?

March 1, 2021

Learning loss happens when knowledge or skills are forgotten by students while they are not in school for extended periods of time. It is also the gap in knowledge or skills that students did not learn, but would have learned in a “normal” year. In this post, learn about this effect of distance learning and its ramifications.

Schools Not Working for Black and Latino Students

02: Why are Black and Latino students falling further behind?

April 2, 2021

The transition to distance learning and learning loss has impacted all students. But, the experience of Black and Latino students has been dramatically different and in many cases, much worse. Here, discover the critical barriers that have led to Black and Latino students falling further behind than their peers during the pandemic.

Nearly One in Five Elementary Students Missed a Tenth of School

03: Millions of students have been missing out on school during the pandemic

May 7, 2021

An alarming number of children have been missing out on school over the past year. When students disengage, they are more absent, less focused, and become frustrated with school. Read this post to understand the long-term consequences of chronic absenteeism.

Students Not on Track to Learn How to Read

04: Students missed critical academic milestones during school closures

August 18, 2021

This past year, students got different amounts and quality of instruction. Students from low-income families without the same resources as high-income families are more likely to struggle in meeting grade-level milestones. This post highlights the impact distance learning had on early academic milestones and students’ post-secondary future.

Social Isolation, a Common Stressor

05: COVID-19 has harmed students’ social-emotional wellbeing, making it even more difficult to learn

October 22, 2021

The pandemic influenced every aspect of children’s social lives. While most students experienced social isolation and loneliness during the pandemic, some of the most vulnerable students experienced additional disruption and trauma. Understand how the pandemic increased mental health problems for students and the effect trauma has on a student’s learning.

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