Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) schools in Southeast Los Angeles serve over 60,000 students. Low-income Latino students make up the large majority of the student population and over a quarter are English learners. Out of 89 schools in Southeast Los Angeles, only nine reach the statewide average in English and math.

However, there are some bright spot for Latino students in Southeast Los Angeles:

  • A few high schools in Southeast Los Angeles have some of the highest academic results for Latino students in the state.
  • All high schools in Southeast Los Angeles have UC/CSU eligibility rates above the statewide average.
  • The region has no schools flagged for high suspension rates1 compared to the state average.  

The Southeast LA Data Brief provides a snapshot of how schools in the southeast area of LAUSD Board District 5 are servingLatino students based on the latest state test scores in English and math, graduation rates, and UC/CSU eligibility rates.

This data brief is a tool for parents, community members, and organizations in Southeast LA. It provides easy-to-understand data on the quality of schools in the region and can be used to push for change in our community.

Innovate Public Schools regularly publishes new data and resources for parents and the community. This data brief is the first of a set of resources we will develop for Southeast Los Angeles.

1Schools flagged for high suspension rates on the California School Dashboard have especially high suspension rates for a subgroup of students and/or a significant increase in suspension rates from the previous year.