Although Promise Academy was approved unanimously by the California State Board of Education on January 19th, it will be forced to delay its start date by one year because of efforts by the San Jose Unified School District. Promise Academy will open in the fall of 2019.

While Promise Academy had planned to open in 2018, the obstacles created by SJUSD have affected its timeline. Promise will spend the next several months working with the school district to identify a facility, while also searching for a private facility. Once they have identified a facility, Promise Academy will do all of the necessary work to turn that facility into the school’s long-term home.

The Good News

In a recent decision, the Santa Clara County Superior Court found in favor of Promise Academy, and ruled that the San Jose Unified School District cannot deny Promise a campus. The Court found that SJUSD had acted “arbitrarily, capriciously, and subjectively” in its rejection of Promise Academy’s request for space. This ruling means that, no matter what, Promise Academy will have a campus.

Promise Academy founder, Dr. Anthony Johnson, remains committed to the fight to open the school. He is motivated and encouraged by the support and dedication of downtown San Jose families — families who have fought hard to see this school become a reality. Even though it will not open this year, Promise will provide academic support to students this year. During the 2018-19 school year, Promise Academy will offer free after-school tutoring to K-8 students two days a week. The support will ensure students are academically successful while providing enriching opportunities to learn through real-world problem-solving.

If you are interested in free after school tutoring, please contact Promise Academy’s Head of School Samantha Hanlon ( for details.

Also, look out for more details coming soon about a Promise Academy “block party” in August to kick off registration for 2019! You can also apply on the school’s website: