Innovate Public Schools has published new school progress reports for all 22 district and charter schools located in Franklin-McKinley School District as part of a local cross-sector collaboration.

“We have set an ambitious goal for our students’ success. No other urban district in the state has set a bar this high. We created these progress reports for every Franklin-McKinley school, district and charter, to help our families understand our progress toward this goal,” said Juan Cruz, Superintendent of Franklin-McKinley School District.

See the School Progress Reports (Landing page in Spanish)

Compact Progress Report

In 2013, the Franklin-McKinley School District, local charter schools, and several community partners kicked off a collaborative partnership that included developing shared goals for all schools, joint programs to build teacher leadership and support teacher learning and collaboration, as well as engaging educators and parents to increase inclusion of students with special needs.

Together, these partners set an ambitious “North Star” goal: that by 2020, 70% of all Franklin-McKinley students would be on track to college, based on the new state test, across all subgroups. Since establishing the North Star Goal, the district, charter and community partners have worked together to develop school progress reports that track progress towards that goal.

“Part of our mission is to empower parents and educators with the data they need to see how schools are doing and act together for all students. They need to see the bright spots, what’s working, and also where there is a need for urgent change,” said Matt Hammer, CEO of Innovate Public Schools. “In too many communities, districts and charter schools have been pitted against each other. It’s great to see how educators and parents in San Jose are working together to set high goals for all kids and partnering together to make that a reality.”

This is the first year of the progress reports, which include publicly-available data on test scores broken out by subject and by student groups, as well as more detailed data than is usually available or comparable across schools.


  • Student survey: Partners agreed to use the same survey to measure “school climate,” so the progress report includes factors like whether students feel safe at school and supported in their learning.
  • Special education: The report also includes data about how students with disabilities are served, including how much of the time they’re in full inclusion with other students, as opposed to pulled out into separate classes.
  • English Learners: It also includes data about how English Learners are progressing towards fluency. Research shows that students should be reclassified as proficient in English within 3-5 years. All English Learners take the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) each year, which measures their progress.

The progress reports from this first year of data show a range of school performance on the various indicators across the schools, allowing families and staff to see where schools are strong and where they need to improve.

Reports for each school are available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Innovate Public Schools designed the reports in collaboration with partners, gathered data from schools and published the reports.

Compact partners include the school district, all charter public schools located in the district, Innovate Public Schools, as well as community organizations. The collaboration has been supported by grants from the Gates Foundation and the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA).

About Innovate Public Schools
Innovate Public Schools is a nonprofit organization focused on ensuring that all Bay Area students, including low-income students and students of color, receive an excellent education. We’re building a movement of families, educators, and business and elected leaders who together will make this vision a reality. We build the capacity of parents and educators to innovate and act together to create world-class public schools, and we publish easy-to-understand school quality data and research that highlights both problems and solutions.

About Franklin-McKinley School District
Franklin-McKinley School District (FMSD) serves students from kindergarten through 8th grade. The District is located on the east side of the Santa Clara Valley in San Jose, California. Being a culturally diverse District, FMSD staff work primarily with students from Central and South America, Asia, and other parts of the world. The District is committed to ensuring all 8th grade student graduates have the skills and knowledge to be ready for a college preparatory curriculum in high school. They all will have the ability to pursue a program preparing them for university and/or careers and lifelong learning.