Gema Corrales Ruíz is passionate about Transformative Justice and equity work for people of color and other marginalized communities. She was born in Camajuaní, Cuba and immigrated to the U.S in 2001.

Before working at Innovate Public Schools, Gema organized tenants in MacArthur Park in Los Angeles around lead hazards and housing inequalities and was a part of Public Allies Los Angeles.

Gema joined Innovate Public Schools in December of 2017 and is the community organizer in East Palo Alto. She is working to empower parents and community members in East Palo Alto for a better education for their children. This fall, Gema is excited to work with parents to create a Ravenswood candidates forum that will be taking place in October.

To get involved in the push for better education options in East Palo Alto, you can contact Gema at