My son is in middle school, so this short article in Education Week grabbed my attention.  It’s written by Ryan Tahmaseb, a middle school teacher in Massachusetts, about how he found an interesting and appropriate way to teach his students an essay by Junot Diaz, one of Ryan’s favorite writers, who generally writes about adult themes.  I love hearing teachers reflect on how they have engaged their students in some deep discussion about an idea, dilemma, or problem.  Adolescents are hungry for it, and our schools should be giving them more of it.

I’m taking Ryan’s recommendation and asked my middle schooler to read Junot Diaz’s short essay “The Money” about his apartment getting robbed as a kid — I’m looking forward to our conversation about it this summer.  Check out this article, which includes a link to “The Money.”

From Education Week

Teaching Junot Diaz in Middle School