Our 2016 Top Bay Area Public Schools for Underserved Students report has been updated and revised, and is available here.

What’s changed?updated-top-schools-report-2016 

The updated data has made it possible to identify more top Bay Area schools. The list of top schools has changed from 41 to 47, with additional schools added from San Francisco, San Jose and Redwood City.

What Can I Learn In This Report?

We are excited to share our updated report with you! Go online now to:

  • See the 47 Bay Area schools that have the top results for low-income African American and low-income Latino students;
  • Look up your school and see how well it is serving underserved students in English and math;
  • Read about how, for the second year in a row, the Bay Area continues to trail the state in test scores for low-income Latino and African American students, while some local schools buck the trend; and
  • Understand that while we celebrate the schools that are doing well, we recognize that there are clearly far too few of them in the Bay Area.

Why Was The Report Updated?

In September 2016, Innovate Public Schools originally released our 2016 Top Bay Area Public Schools for Underserved Students report, which examines how traditional district and charter schools across the Bay Area are doing in educating their students, particularly those who are historically underserved – low-income, African American, and Latino students. Our original report was written using the 2015-16 California state test data file released by the California Department of Education (CDE).

While we knew the first data set that CDE releases typically requires updates throughout the year, the public is not privy to when updates will occur. And while we became aware that Bay Area data was missing (particularly data for low-income students in districts across the Bay Area), we felt it important to publish our report with the data available and, throughout the report, indicate that we would issue an update when new data were released from CDE. On October 18, 2016, CDE released a new data set that included the previously missing data, so we updated our report to reflect those changes in the data file.

What’s Next?

On December 1, Innovate Public Schools is hosting a celebration of the 47 public schools across the Bay Area that were top performers for low-income African American and Latino students. These schools are showing what’s possible, and we want to recognize and honor them.

The celebration program includes:

  • A keynote address by Ryan J. Smith, Executive Director of The Education Trust – West, a research and advocacy organization focused on educational justice and the high academic achievement of all California students, particularly those of color and living in poverty
  • Testimonials by school leaders, parents and students
  • An overview of our 2016 Top Bay Area Public Schools for Underserved Students report

Please join us! Be a part of the celebration on December 1 at 5pm, either in person or virtually via livecast.