On Tuesday, April 4, Innovate parent leaders made their voices heard at a San Francisco Unified school board meeting. The school board met that evening to discuss and vote on the appointment of Vincent Matthews as of SFUSD’s new superintendent.

Innovate parent leaders have been engaged throughout the superintendent search process. They responded to district surveys, went to community engagement meetings and also conducted their own poll of parents at an event in the fall.

Innovate parent leader Cynthia Segura shared some takeaways on parents’ priorities for the new Superintendent.

These were her comments:

  • Parents want a superintendent who has a proven track record of improving academic achievement for all students, particularly for our most vulnerable student groups, which are often low-income students of color, English Learners, and Special Education students.
  • Our district needs leaders committed to making sure that not just some, but ALL San Francisco students receive an excellent education.
  • We agree with what we have heard from certain members of the board and school district, that it is important to select someone who will make a long-term commitment to San Francisco.
  • But for us, the most important thing is to have someone who has shown success in leading a district to close academic gaps. It is great to be committed to the values of equity and diversity, but even more important to have someone with experience making this happen.
  • We want someone who seeks to learn from schools that are having successful results and to share these valuable lessons with others. This would include learning from a variety of district and charter school examples that are successful with students- of course always acknowledging the unique environment of every school, but also being willing to try new things.

Vincent Matthews will take over as SFUSD superintendent in June.

See a part of Cynthia’s testimony in the clip below: