The 2016 Top Bay Area Schools for Underserved Students report shows a major gap in student achievement, specifically with low-income African American and Latino students performing far worse than other students. The problem is even more serious in the Bay Area, where local schools tend to trail the state average in test scores in English and math for these student groups. On December 1, Innovate Public Schools celebrated the 47 local schools bucking this trend.

New Report: For the Second Year in a Row, Bay Area Trails the State in Results for Underserved Students – See the list

The event featured testimonials from a school leader, an Innovate parent leader, a high school student, a research presentation on the report findings, and a conversation with Ryan J. Smith of The Education Trust-West. Best of all, there was a photobooth!

At our Top Schools event, we asked attendees to share the factors that led to their schools’ success and what they consider the greatest barrier to school success. Now we’d like to hear from you! Take our short online poll to have your voice heard.

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Take our short online poll to have your voice heard.