Innovate parent leader Maritza Leal, whose children attend a Rocketship school, wrote this post on the Rocketship blog about parents’ efforts in Redwood City to improve local schools:

It is a challenging test to face the realities and circumstances of daily family life. But it’s certainly far more difficult to stand before our children and face them saying, “Come on, you can do it!” when we ourselves have failed; to tell them “Work hard in school ­– graduate!” when some of us have never finished the elementary grades. We tell them, “You can be successful in your future endeavors and profession,” when in plain sight of our children we are humiliated and remain silent in order to put food on the table.

Many times, the heroes in our homes are not around the dinner table. They exist in the world of entertainment and popular culture. But here in Redwood City, there exists a group of parents who seek to change this and to change local history. They are heroes.

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