Get The Facts

A look at school performance in Silicon Valley

With 54 school districts across Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, it is challenging for parents and the general public to know how their schools and districts are actually doing. What are the best schools and how well are they doing? Which are the worst schools?  How does my child’s school and my district stack up against the others?

That’s why Innovate regularly publishes easy-to-understand data and reports for parents and the public, all of which you can find here on our website.

The Bad News

Percent of students with 4-year Graduation and UC/CSU EligibilityA critical mission of our public school system is to prepare every student for success in college and good careers. The reality now is that our children will be entering a job market that is increasingly global and highly competitive. Our public school system is nowhere near delivering the quality of education called for by that reality. We have a region-wide problem: Low percentages of college readiness for Latino, African-American, and Pacific Islander students, as well as low-income students and English learners, across districts in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Individual schools buck the trends, but districts do not.

The Good News

Together we can change this reality. There are an ever-growing number of world-class public schools here in the Valley that are bucking the trends. These schools are proving what is possible and that children of all backgrounds can achieve at the highest levels. The question now is whether we have the will to replicate their success.

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