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Education has never been more important for ensuring a bright future.
But across California, the vast majority of students who are Latino, African American, have a disability, or come from a low-income family are missing out because their education isn’t preparing them for college, careers and the new economy.

New! SELA Rising: Fighting For Education Justice for Latino Students in Southeast Los Angeles 2020

Southeast Los Angeles (SELA) is a resilient and rapidly growing region made up of several cities and neighborhoods. More than 60,000 students attend the 89 public schools in SELA, the majority of whom are low-income and Latino.

This report provides an extensive look at how SELA schools are serving low-income Latino students and English learners. It was developed in partnership with the University of Southern California and Alliance for a Better Community.

The study also highlights bright spots and successes where schools are helping their students excel. For example, high schools in SELA have some of the highest academic results in English in the state.

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Bay Area Schools Data

The Bad News

In 2015, just four out of 10 Latino and African-American high school graduates in the Bay Area had completed the courses required to attend a California state university or UC.

Those gaps start from the earliest grades. Many Bay Area schools show a large gap in performance not only between low-income students and more affluent peers, but between different racial/ethnic groups within the same economic status.

The Good News

There are some excellent public schools in the Bay Area and Los Angeles that are showing that all students can achieve at high levels.

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