Parent Leader Jaqueline with Supervisor David Canepa

Leaders are currently organizing to ensure that the California state budget better reflects the needs of families. Last week, Peninsula parents met with San Mateo County Board of Supervisor David Canepa, to share how parent voices can be reflected in the state budget. At the county board of supervisors meeting, the board approved $10 million in funding for Community Initiatives. Parents are feeling the effects of distance learning and hoping that this extra money will be allocated to mental health services, after-school programs, and tutoring.David Canepa

Jaqueline, a Redwood City Parent leader who led the research meeting, expressed to Supervisor Canepa that parents want to be at the forefront of the process that allocates the Community Initiative funding. Currently, meetings are being held to make those decisions and parent input is needed, to which, Sup. Canepa shared information about local advisory committees that parents can join here.

“Having Innovate at the table can really help us”, said Supervisor David Canepa after hearing parents’ enthusiasm to learn and engage with the budget process.

Supervisor Canepa also reassured parent advocates that he will “make sure they [the community] can access the right county resources” upon availability.

Innovate parent leaders, like Dionicia, were happy to hear Supervisor Canepa’s enthusiasm to work with local parent leaders who are advocating for the money to accurately reflect family and children’s needs- parents left feeling inspired.

“I’m grateful Innovate has given me the opportunity to learn about the budget and how we can be a part of that decision-making process”
Dionicia, Innovate Parent Leader, Redwood City, CA


Parents are speaking their truth to elected officials by holding them accountable and ensuring that kids and families directly benefit from the state and federal recovery funds that are being given to local school districts and counties.

Parents will continue to investigate parent participation in key budget decisions. If you are interested in joining our parent advocacy group then please contact
Jose TalaveraKatalina Tameilau

When elected officials like Supervisor Canepa create environments where they engage with parents and share information on how they can be included, they help elevate parent voices and ensure that the state budget will better reflect the needs of families throughout California.

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