Our mission is ensuring low-income, Black and Latino children in California get an excellent public education. Two initiatives on the ballot this November are critical to making that happen.

Vote Yes on California Proposition 15

Proposition 15 will increase funding for schools

The best investment our state could make is in our children. But right now, California is 39th in the nation in funding public education. Prop. 15 would reclaim over $12 billion annually for public schools and local services by closing by closing a tax loophole on wealthy corporations. We’re proud to join hundreds of community organizations, school districts, unions and education leaders who are supporting this important initiative.

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Proposition 16 will open opportunities to increase teacher diversity, create programs focused on supporting students of color and ensure equitable access to UCs

We believe that everyone– Black, Latino, Native American, Asian American or Pacific Islander, any gender — should get an equal shot at fair wages, good jobs and quality schools. But the reality is that right now, many people are discriminated against and denied opportunities – including our children.

Prop. 16 is the systemic change we need. It repeals a racist law from the 1990s that is still blocking opportunity for women and people of color today.

Vote Yes on California Proposition 16

Students of color benefit from having teachers who share their backgrounds, programs customized to their unique needs and a chance to learn at our top public universities. Prop. 16 gives us more tools to make that happen.

It will allow schools and districts to create more targeted and customized programs that directly address the needs of certain populations like STEM programs focused on girls or mentorship programs for African American students. It will also let them do more targeted recruitment and mentoring programs for teachers of color.

At the state level, it gives lawmakers more tools to direct resources to students of color, especially Black students.

It also helps make sure California students of all backgrounds have equal access to our public universities and that students from all communities are supported to persist and graduate at the same levels as their peers.

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Spread the word to everyone you know:
Vote yes on Prop. 15 & 16!

Important Voter Information

We recommend you register to vote if you haven’t already. You can register to vote online through October 19. Due to COVID-19, this year, all registered voters will automatically be mailed a vote-by-mail ballot for the November 3 election. Voters will also have the option to register and vote in-person on election day.

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