Pamela Tate-Roger

Paméla Tate-Roger

Community Organizer, San Francisco

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Paméla Tate-Roger holds a Bachelor Arts in Psychology from San Francisco State University and a Master of Arts in Humanities and Leadership from New College of California through the Sonoma State University Teach-Out.

She is a parent of three children, former early childhood educator and school director, former AAPAC Chairperson, a card-toting PTSA Member and Officer for over seven years, former parent leader with Innovate Public Schools, and now our newest community organizer.

As a native San Franciscan, Paméla is in touch with hundreds of parents who currently have children in SFUSD schools. She has vowed to help bridge the achievement gap for black and brown children and to call parents, educators, and politicians alike to keep the educational success of all children as their first priority.

…sparked my passion for educational equity and social justice.

Having biracial children and my son having learning differences …

I’m passionate about ______ because ______.

I am passionate about equity, equality, and safe spaces for people of all races, genders and religions because generations of people have suffered for far to long.