Parent Needs for Distance Learning

Call on the Governor & Legislature to Meet Parents’ Needs on Distance Learning

As people across America protest for the full inclusion of Black people, we stand in solidarity. Racism in our education system means that public schools underserve Black students, leading to an unjust opportunity gap. With distance learning, this gap is getting wider.

We need to make sure California schools get distance learning right for ALL students. That is why parents across the state are coming together to insist that state officials provide our communities with the support we need next year. Especially for students who have been historically underserved, including low-income Black and Latino students and students with special needs.

In particular, it’s more important than ever to nurture the relationship between parents and teachers as co-educators. We came up with a list of specific things our state government needs to do to ensure that districts are best supporting this relationship.

You can help. Let Governor Newsom and our state legislators know that we can’t afford to wait. Our kids need to keep learning and we need our schools to be ready to succeed this fall. Fill out and submit this form to make your voice heard.

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