Spotlight on Latino Students: San Jose Unified School District: Under the Hood

Demographic data is taken from CDE Ed Data website and UC/CSU eligibility from CDE Data Quest website for 2014-15. Retrieved 6/15/16.

English and math performance shows the percent of students meeting or exceeding standards on the 2014-15 state standardized CAASPP tests. 2015 California Statewide research file. California Department of Education. File creation date 9 October, 2015. Retrieved 14 January, 2016.

Page 2 shows the top thirty schools, by proportion of Hispanic/Latino students, with physical addresses within the boundaries of San Jose Unified School District, as well as the top school in Santa Clara county with Hispanic / Latino enrollment that would place it among the top thirty if it were located in San Jose Unified. For elementary schools, the floor is 64% Hispanic/Latino enrollment, while for middle schools it is 54% and 53% for high schools.

Finally, note that, for the purposes of these graphs, schools spanning grades K-8 are treated as if they are two separate—one elementary, one middle—school. This is done to control for differences between grade-level tests.