San Jose District-Charter Collaboration

Franklin-McKinley School District

Aiming for progress in the Franklin-McKinley District.

For too long, in too many communities, charter public schools and school districts have been pitted against each other and have rarely found ways to collaborate on behalf of children.

School districts, charter schools and community partners in east San Jose are working together to find new ways that we can creatively partner to benefit all children.

Read the full Franklin-McKinley Compact Progress Reports.

District-Charter Collaboration

In 2013, Innovate began convening school districts, local charter schools, and several community partners to form the Franklin-McKinley High Quality Schools Compact. This Compact has been recognized by the Gates Foundation as a national model for district-charter collaboration.

We are united in our common goal of ensuring that students who reside in this area of the Valley have access to high-performing schools. Together, we set an ambitious “North Star Goal”: that by 2020, at least 70% of all Franklin-McKinley students would be on track to college, based on the new state test. No other urban district in California has set a bar this high. The Compact partners believe that it is the right goal – our students deserve it, and by 2020, we believe that we can and will reach our goal in each of our schools.

Working together, we have created a Progress Report for every district school and every charter school approved by Franklin-McKinley. This report, which is available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese, shows families what percent of students were on track to college at each school, and how those percentages are for different  student groups. The report also shows data about the school culture and climate.

District Partners

Franklin-McKinley School District

Charter Partners

ACE Charter Middle
Cornerstone College Preparatory Academy
KIPP Bay Area Schools (Heritage)
Rocketship Education (Mosaic and Spark)
Voices College-Bound Language Academy
Alpha Public Schools

Community Partners

Innovate Public Schools
Catholic Charities
Eastside Alliance
Franklin-McKinley Children’s Initiative
San Jose Charter Consortium
People Acting in Community Together (PACT)

Read the full Franklin-McKinley Compact Progress Reports. 

Our North Star Goal

At the heart of the Compact’s work is a common goal to provide the high-quality schools for all students in east San Jose. Toward this goal, the Compact established a North Star Goal, which commits all partners to the following:


  • The members of the Franklin-McKinley High Quality Schools Compact agree to work collaboratively so that all of our students leave the 8th grade prepared to participate in a four-year college and a career-ready high school course of study.
  • We will measure student readiness by ensuring that all students, including students who have traditionally struggled to excel academically, are performing at a college-ready level (as measured by the SBAC assessment) and by ensuring that they have the skills and habits of mind needed to successfully enter a college and career-ready program of study in their first year of high school.
  • To accomplish this goal, members of the Compact agree to dramatically increase the number of high performing seats for students in our region by redesigning current schools based on the successful best practices shared through the work of this Compact, expanding the percentage of high performing seats in District and charter schools, and working to transform and dramatically improve historically underperforming schools into programs of excellence.
  • By 2020, all students in our District will attend a high performing school. A high performing school is one in which 70% or more of all students, in all subgroup, are achieving at a college-ready rate. Charter compact members agree to attain this goal by ensuring that proficiency rates for all subgroups improve by 10% per year.