For the second year in a row, the Bay Area continues to trail the state in test scores

for low-income Latino and African American students, but some local schools buck the trend. That’s the biggest takeaway of our 2nd annual Top Bay Area Public Schools for Underserved Students report, released on September 27, 2016. Our report shines a light on the 41 Bay Area schools that serve a significant percentage of underserved students and where those students have higher proficiency rates than the average student in the state.

In our analysis of the 2015-16 California state test results (the CAASPP data), we found that:

  • Overall, Bay Area public schools’ proficiency rates in math and English (particularly for white and Asian students) were higher than the state average;
  • However, the Bay is doing consistently worse than the state for Latino and African American students, especially those who are low-income.
  • For the second year in a row, there is a huge achievement gap in Bay Area:
    • Only 11% of low-income African American students and 19% of low-income Latino students are proficient in math, compared to 87% of non-low-income Asian students.
    • Only 34% of all low-income students in the Bay Area are meeting or exceeding state standards in English, compared to 75% of other students — a difference of over 40 percentage points.

Despite these findings, we also see hope. The report highlights the 41 Bay Area public schools (out of the 568 with large percentages of underserved students) that show the best scores for low-income African American and Latino students in English and math. (See our report’s full methodology here.)

Did your school make it onto our list? If not, where does your school rank in comparison to those we featured?

Visit our site to look up your school and see how well it is serving low-income African American and Latino students in English and math.