GreatSchools, a national nonprofit helping parents guide their kids to successful futures, and Innovate Public Schools, which works with parents to improve education in their communities, today launched the new GreatSchools Bay Area website.Innovate-postcard_web-graphic

“Our goal is to better engage traditionally underserved Bay Area families in finding and demanding high-quality schools for their children and their communities,” said Matt Hammer, Founder and
CEO of Innovate Public Schools. “Through this partnership, we’re putting powerful, easy-to-understand data in the hands of more parents and connecting them to opportunities to get involved to not only support their own child, but to improve schools across their community.”

Throughout the Bay Area, too many low-income students, English Learners, Latino and African-American students are being left behind, unprepared for success in college and beyond. But there are also shining examples of schools that excel in preparing the Bay Area’s young people for success in college and beyond.

“When parents have accurate information about schools in their neighborhood that is relevant to their child, they can make better decisions,” said Bill Jackson, CEO of GreatSchools. “Now, all parents will have more information to assess local schools, especially schools supporting traditionally underserved groups.”

gs_email_3Thanks to this partnership, for the first time ever, the entire GreatSchools website is available in Spanish nationwide, making school data and information accessible to millions more families. The partnership also includes rolling out new data on underserved students across the site, as well as spotlights to compare schools across a community.

This new, mobile-friendly site includes school ratings based on academic performance, math and English language arts proficiency rates and college readiness measures for different groups of
students. It also features Community Spotlight pages where parents can explore and compare how well local schools are preparing different subgroups of children in San Francisco, Redwood City, San Jose and East Palo Alto.

The new tools and features include:

  • Low-income students test score: Learn how low-income students perform and how it compares statewide to schools that serve a similar student body
  • Student Group Comparison: See how a school is doing for diverse groups of students
  • Nearby school options: See which high-quality school options are nearby in pop-up at the bottom of every school profile
  • Community Spotlights: Compare schools across the Bay Area, as well as spotlights specific to San Francisco, Redwood City, San Jose, Oakland and East Palo Alto
  • Take action: Learn ways to connect and take action to improve education in the Bay Area

Visit the new site: