Parent Action Network

Demanding high-quality public schools for all students

Parents have a unique and critical role in improving our public schools.

Public institutions tend to be only as effective as the public demands they be. In communities where parents are connected to each other and deeply engaged, public schools tend to be more effective.

Innovate Public Schools supports parents across the region to build organizations in their communities that can successfully push for better schools and hold the system accountable to the needs of their children. Innovate leads the Parent Action Network, an organization of passionate parent leaders from across Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

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Our Approach

The people closest to a problem are often the ones best able to identify and realize the solution. A healthy democracy depends on having informed and engaged citizens who are connected to their community leaders and each other. We work with passionate parent leaders who want to improve local schools and help them to connect to one another and to build their collective power to make real and lasting change in their community.

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Local leaders share their experiences working with Innovate Public Schools parent groups.

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Two parent leaders share what it was like to work with Innovate Public Schools to build a parent organization in their community that successfully brought new school options to Redwood City.

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