How World-class Schools Deliver for All Students

World-class schools engage parents as co-educators & leaders  World-class schools… engage parents as co-educators and leaders
World-class schools include, engage and empower parents as vital members of the school community.
Frequent Communication
Parents get timely updates on their child’s progress.
Thoughtful Communication
The school goes to all necessary lengths to ensure an ongoing dialogue with parents.
Parents as Co-Educators
The school values, encourages and supports parents’ involvement in their child’s education, both inside and outside the school.
Parents in Leadership
A wide range of parents hold leadership positions at the school, and have a meaningful voice in major school decisions.
What to look for:

  • Parents report receiving frequent, easy-to-understand communication from the school in their language. They report that school staff have visited their home and/or have called, emailed or texted to share good news, as well as concerns about their children.
  • The school leader can explain how the school gets input and involves diverse parents, and can give specific examples of how parents have informed decisions at the school.
  • Parents have a formal role in a decision-making body at the school. This might be a school site council where parents would approve parts of the school’s budget or a hiring committee where parents would help interview candidates.
  • Parents report they feel welcome at the school and are invited and encouraged to participate regularly.
  • Many different parents are present at the school before, during and after school, both to help but also to learn more about how they can support their students at home. The school gives parents many different ways to be involved, and offers suggestions and activities parents can do with their child to help them be more successful in the classroom.
  • At least 5% of the families, from all backgrounds, are so engaged in the life of the school as leaders that they can lead tours with visitors and express clearly the mission, values, key programs, and uniqueness of the school.

See it in Action

POC students at Rocketship Mosaic Elementary School

Rocketship Mosaic

Parents aren’t only co-educators, but also leaders at this San Jose elementary.

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