How World-class Schools Deliver for All Students

World-class schools are data-driven  World-class schools… are data-driven
When making decisions, world-class schools consistently use data to improve and drive student learning.
Meaningful Assessments
Teachers are trained to analyze assessment results and use them throughout the week, month and year to tailor their instruction.
Students Invested in Data
Students know their goals for growth and their progress towards those goals.
More Than Academics
Data is leveraged to inform decisions not only about academics, but about school culture, operations, budgeting, staffing, and more. Both staff and students consistently use data to improve.
What to look for:

  • Teachers check student progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis (often by leveraging technology) to ensure that students are staying on track and making progress.
  • Both students and their teachers can speak clearly about progress, areas where they are ahead or behind, and what they need to work on (today and in the future) to meet their goals for the year.
  • When asked, school staff can explain and give examples of key data points that the school tracks that align with its mission and how they’ve used that data to make changes and inform important decisions.
  • Staff have a deep understanding of the content and skills students need to learn. They seek out different types of data to understand where students struggle and provide exactly the help they need.

See it in Action

Black, female Amistad High School student writing on whiteboard

Achievement First Amistad High School

A close look at the numbers underlies nearly every strategic decision at this New Haven high school.

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