How World-class Schools Deliver for All Students

World-class schools are mission-driven  World-class schools… are mission-driven
World-class schools have a unique identity that begins with a compelling vision of what success looks like and they relentlessly pursue it. The school’s mission and values are clear, are tied to ambitious outcomes for all students, and permeate every aspect of the school.
Mission and Values in Sync
The mission reflects outcomes desired for all students and is aligned with the school’s values.
A Shared Vision
The school establishes a clear vision of excellence and everyone— leaders, staff, students, and parents—has a part in realizing it.
Strategic Use of Money and Time
Resources are allocated in a way that supports the realization of the school’s mission.
Deliberate Systems
There are systems in place to keep the mission, vision, and values front and center and urgent every day, and make sure everyone is putting the mission in action.
What to look for:

  • The school’s mission and values are posted throughout the school, and staff in a variety of roles can explain how the values ensure students will be prepared to fulfill the school’s mission.
  • On any given school day, students and teachers can be heard discussing the school’s mission and values and can be seen demonstrating behavior aligned with those values.
  • The school is thoughtful and consistent about using effective systems to support the mission. From the way students answer questions in class to the manner in which they pass out papers, the school has defined a clear “way that we do things.”  Students and staff can explain the reasoning for doing things in this manner.
  • When asked, teachers and school leaders can provide recent examples of how they’ve said “no” to initiatives and programs that weren’t going to help them achieve the mission of the school.
  • Everyone works to build and maintain the school culture. Teachers and students work together to accomplish goals, and everyone in the school acts in a manner that demonstrates a unique sense of identity and pride

See it in Action

Black, female STEM Sci Academy student at computer

Sci Academy

It’s not having good mission, but being driven by one that makes the difference, says the school’s founder.

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