Isadora Costa Cardoso

Isadora Costa Cardoso

Community Organizer, Peninsula

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Isadora is a recent graduate from Oregon State University, where she earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science and International Affairs. She was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, where she began her activism from a young age, working with art projects for low-income communities of color.

During her time at OSU, Isadora started and led many projects on campus that advocated for underserved communities. She worked as a Community Relations Facilitator, bringing workshops about social justice, equity, and cultural awareness to the resident halls. She created a Photovoice project called “The Voices of Color” where she interviewed students of color on campus about their experiences with racism and discrimination, and how that affected their education. During her third year, she studied at the Universität Mannheim in Germany, where she was able to expand her studies in Human Rights and International Public Law, while working as a kindergarten assistant and translator at a German Red Cross refugee camp.

When she got back to the US, she served as the Executive Director of Diversity Programs, where she implemented many diversity initiatives throughout campus and the community, as well as worked with voter registration drives, fundraising for student conferences, and civic engagement initiatives. Isadora also worked as the Leadership Central Liaison for the department of Diversity and Cultural Engagement where she collaborated with seven cultural resource centers to bring intersectional programs and resources to students from underrepresented backgrounds.

In 2018, she created and directed a dance group called “3D”, a platform for women of color to express their identities through cultural dances. Isadora’s passion for equity and empowerment of historically underserved communities is brought to her work of community organizing to empower parents and families for a better education for their children.

…sparked my passion for educational equity and social justice.

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I’m passionate about ______ because ______.

I’m passionate about education because it is the only tool to dismantle oppressive structures of power around the world.

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“You have to act as it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.” – Angela Davis