Hugo Lopez Muñoz

Hugo López-Muñoz

Community Organizer, San Jose

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Hugo just spent a year as a High School Engagement Fellow at Immigrants Rising and before that he was a DreamSF Fellow at the Office of Civic Engagement and Immigrant Affairs (OCEIA) in San Francisco. Through those experiences Hugo worked to bring a variety of vital resources to undocumented high school students, and he organized Bay Area faith communities to support detained local undocumented immigrants through various events and programs.

Although he’s fairly new to community organizing, Hugo has a burning passion for equity in education, which he discovered back in high school when he had just arrived from Mexico and he saw and experienced the lack of opportunities and many injustices in the system, especially in underserved, poorer working-class communities.

Hugo has been very active in his church as a Sunday school teacher and in youth ministry, and it was there that he discovered he enjoyed working with parents when he was tasked with presenting a series of workshops to them. It was also there that he found and nurtured his love for public speaking especially in a setting where he could help motivate and infuse hope to folks that feel marginalized and ignored by the systems that govern our communities, especially the poorer ones.

In his free time, Hugo likes to be out in nature hiking, jogging, camping, biking and just exploring. He also loves playing soccer, singing (especially at church), and conversing about Philosophy, Theology, and Mathematics.

…sparked my passion for educational equity and social justice.

My experience as a newly-arrived immigrant from Mexico attending high school in So. Cal …

I’m passionate about ______ because ______.

I’m passionate about organizing underserved communities because I’m certain the current moment in history presents a unique opportunity for the people to discover their power to bring about much-needed social change.

Inspiring Quote

“The wrong idea has taken root in the world. And the idea is this: There just might be lives out there that matter less than other lives.” – Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ