Charlene Mack

Charlene Mack

VP, National Partnerships & Training

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Charlene Mack is the Vice President for National Trainings and Partnerships for Innovate Public Schools. Prior to expanding her equity family to Innovate, she served as the Vice President of Movement Building at WEPOWER in St. Louis, MO where she led Black and Latinx Activate Changemaker’s strategy and team towards impact and scale through the Power-Building Academies, Tomorrow Builders Fellows, and Chisholm’s Chair Fellowship. In addition to restructuring the WEPOWER organizing strategy, Charlene quadrupled their Power Building Academy to over 150 residents, tripled the size of her team, worked to secure the first public stream for Early Childhood Education, and launched two new campaigns to further Economic and K12 justice.

A proud native of Charlotte, North Carolina, Charlene’s father was a Pastor and her mother, a strong right hand. Along their side, she witnessed the dynamics of public life. The work of the ministry grounded her in the need to activate the everyday leader in order to build people power. From securing $132.2 million to heighten school capacity and improve deferred maintenance in Charlotte, North Carolina as a lead organizer to overseeing a national community organizing fellowship for Leadership Educational Equity to coaching and training organizing globally at Harvard’s Leadership, Organizing, and Action certification program, there’s nothing Charlene enjoys more than cultivating community members to achieve what once was believed to be impossible through strong systems and relationships for power building.

Her formal education consists of undergraduate studies at Howard University along with a Master of Business Administration at Wake Forest University where she received the 2019 Student Leadership Award and where here team secured first place in Russia’s 2019 IBM International Case Study competition. Her informal studies were sitting at her parents’ feet watching them lead change closest to those impacted by the work from the city of Charlotte to Mfangano Island in Kenya. Charlene is a proud aunt, sister, follower of Christ, and daughter of Pastor Charles & Connie Mack Sr.

…sparked my passion for educational equity and social justice.

“How are you living out your faith and your values?” – Mom & Dad. Without a doubt, my parents challenging me to push the idea of church beyond the four walls of a building and couple it with my daily walk and raising me to love all, challenge everything, and build across lines of difference …

What I love most about our work is …

…the transformation of leaders and institutions going from where they are to who and what they want to be in order to not only build power but to hold it.

Inspiring Quote

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?” – Rabbi Hillel