Alondra Alvarez

Alondra Alvarez

Canvassing Manager, San Jose

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Alodra Alvarez is a community canvasser in San Jose, CA for Innovate Public Schools. Reaching one parent, one student at a time.

Before joining Innovate Public Schools Alondra was a parent leader in the community for the past 8 years. Alondra became a parent leader with Innovate after she faced the challenge of advocating for her own children for a better education, for an opportunity to a better future.

Prior to becoming a canvasser with Innovate Alondra worked with high school students and college students helping them save for college. Alondra has worked with the community to create community associations to improve community and schools. Alondra has worked with displaced families to find a new home, with community support and donations.

Alondra is proud and eager to help form new parent leaders in the community, teach parents and students what she was taught to help her family advocate for a better future.