Great Public Schools for Every Child in the Silicon Valley Region

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Thousands of kids are waiting for the schools they really need.

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Broken Promises.

The Children Left Behind in Silicon Valley Schools.

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Despite Silicon Valley’s global reputation as the center of innovation for the new economy, the vast majority of low-income children and children of color languish in failing public schools. Witness a few startling statistics:


Here’s our plan to make sure that every child in the region has access to great public schools.
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    Promote and create new high-performing public schools.

    Innovate is growing the number of high-quality public schools serving low-income children in the Valley. With long waiting lists, the need is clear – parents want many more options, including charter schools. Innovate also partners with school districts to support them in creating their own new great schools.

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    Grow the Silicon Valley Parent Action Network.

    Parents are the key. When parents are inactive and settle for low-quality schools, the school system itself isn’t likely to serve their needs. But when parents work together for what is in the best interests of their children, the school system improves. High-income parents demand the best of their schools, and they can leave for private schools if they are dissatisfied. Low- and middle-income families must hold the system accountable, too. Innovate Public Schools will grow the Silicon Valley Parent Action Network, so that parents around the region can get informed, connected, and involved in school reform efforts.

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    Produce and publish action research and data.

    Innovate inspires more urgent reform by doing data analysis and creating reports for wide public distribution that show the bright spots of success, as well as the failures in the system. The purpose is to equip parents and other key stakeholders with the information they need to advocate more effectively for the needed reforms.

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    Engage top business and political leaders to become a force for change.

    Innovate offers political and business leaders the opportunity to learn about and get involved in advocating for more urgent education reform. Valley leaders know that too many of our public schools aren’t preparing students for success in college and in the job market. Valley leaders also know that the long-term health of our region is dependent on having world-class public schools.

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    Convene and inspire the reformers and innovators.

    With so many districts in the region, the best ideas often do not spread and grow fast enough. Innovate accelerates the growth of high-quality public schools by creating learning communities of reformers and innovators in the Valley, and by disseminating information about what is working.

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We can do better.

Our region can have the best schools in the country for ALL children. No child should have to be on a waiting list for a great school. Let's create more of them.